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Mapping the Blockchain Ecosystem in India and Australia

Mapping the Blockchain Ecosystem in India and Australia 


This report is the outcome of the first phase of a research project that studies the blockchain ecosystem in India and Australia, consistent with a shared vision of both countries for an open, free, rules-based Indo-Pacific. The Centre for Communication Governance at the National Law University Delhi (CCG) is collaborating with the Australian National University's Tech Policy Design Centre on this long-term, cross-disciplinary project. 


The project spans three years and aims to capture the Indian and Australian blockchain landscapes by examining the following issues: 

  • The trends and factors shaping the global blockchain marketplace and their impact on blockchain development in India and Australia.
  • Emerging use cases in the non-cryptocurrency space (focusing on use cases with a societal, economic, and security benefit) as well as domestic and international standards applicable to them, 
  • The effectiveness of existing blockchain standards, and opportunities for the application of these standards, particularly to advance India’s interests. 

The first report presents the results and findings from the first phase of the four phases of this project, highlighting the baseline understanding of the non-financial blockchain ecosystem in India and Australia. The report focuses on stakeholder awareness, attitudes towards technical standards (baseline knowledge of), and significant blockchain use cases that will be studied more closely in future project reports.

Moving forward the project aims to identify gaps and challenges, provide evidence-based recommendations, and build a multistakeholder community to enable meaningful engagement with standards discussions at the national and international levels. 

The project is funded by a grant provided as part of the Australia-India Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership grant program and is administered by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). 


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