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Literature from the Indian Context

Victoria Farmer, Nation, State, and Democracy in India: Media Regulation and Government Monopoly (University of Pennsylvania, 2009)

Farmer focuses on the efforts made by the government to foster nation-building through media platforms (specifically Doordarshan). She further examines how the administrative and legal institutions have impacted television as a medium of communication.

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Raghabendra Chattopadhyay & Swati Bhattacharjee, The Information Deficit: Use of Media in a Deliberative Democracy, 46(52) Economic and Political Weekly (2011)

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Indrajit Roy, Ashish Nandy’s Critics and India’s Thriving Democracy, 48(8) Economic and Political Weekly (2013)

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Taberez Ahmed Neyazi, Politics after Vernacularisation: Hindi Media and Indian Democracy, 46(10) Economic and Political Weekly (2011)

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Shivam Vij, Grappling with Media: The Hoot Reader (The Kafila, 2013)

This blog post examines how the various facets of media influence the contemporary landscape through their practices. It also highlights the shortcomings in these practices.

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Ugen Bhutia, Media at its jingoistic worst (The Hoot, 2013)

This blog post examines the effects of media practices coinciding with populist sentiment, and questions biased inaccurate reporting.

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Jean Dréze & Amartya Sen, Inequalities and the media (The Hoot, 2013)

This blog post examines how the media has become a tool of the privileged and is increasingly being used to marginalise the impoverished. It raises serious issues as to plurality and adequate representation in what should ideally be a democratic media.

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Privat Giri, Propaganda, new media and racism (The Hoot, 2012)

This blog post examines the contours of information dissemination in India and examines whether the Indian media acts in furtherance of participative, deliberative democracy or against it.

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Anup Kumar, More media regulation not the answer, media regulation is (The Hoot, 2011)

This blog post elucidates on the need for media regulation and the appropriate mechanism to do so.

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