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Björnstjern Baade, Fake News and International Law, 29(4) EJIL 1357 (2018)

This article revisits the international law relevant to the phenomenon of disinformation – in particular, the prohibition of intervention, the 1936 International Convention on the Use of Broadcasting in the Cause of Peace and the 1953 Convention on the International Right of Correction. 

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Claire Wardle and Hossein Derakhshan, Information Disorder: Toward an interdisciplinary framework for research and policymaking (Council of Europe, 2017)

This report is an attempt to comprehensively examine information disorder and its related challenges, such as filter bubbles and echo chambers. 

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Handbook on Journalism, ‘Fake News’ & Disinformation (UNESCO, 2018)

This handbook seeks to serve as an internationally relevant model curriculum, open to adoption or adaptation, which responds to the emerging global problem of disinformation that confronts societies in general, and journalism in particular. 

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Jana Laura Egelhofer and Sophie Lecheler, Fake news as a two-dimensional phenomenon: a framework and research agenda (Department of Communication, University of Vienna, 2019)

The article connects the existing literature on fake news to related concepts from political communication and journalism research, presents a theoretical framework to study fake news, and formulates a research agenda.

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The authors provide a comprehensive explanation of the philosophical study of the impact of fake news and our democracy from a post-truth narrative. It describes the changes to media, journalism and civic participation in politics through the advent of misinformation campaigns. It provides an interesting theoretical perspective into the concept of misinformation and its impact on democracy and politics.

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Julie Posetti and Alice Matthews, A short guide to the history of ’fake news’ and disinformation, A Learning Module For Journalists And Journalism Educators (International Center for Journalists, 2018)

This article plots the evolution of the current misinformation crisis on an international timeline, highlighting historic moments stretching from Cleopatra to Cambridge Analytica

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Norman Vasu, Benjamin Ang, Terri-Anne-Teo, Shashi Jayakumar, Muhammad Faizal, and Juhi Ahuja, Fake News: National Security in the Post Truth Era (Rajaratnam School of International Studies, NTU, 2018)

The Report analyses the impact of proliferation of misinformation and the various international responses that have been implemented/considered to counter the same. It argues for the need to implement both legislative as well as non-legislative directions to curb fake news, which understand the nuance within different kinds of falsehood and treat such categories of misinformation accordingly. 

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Marko Milanovic, Viral Misinformation and the Freedom of Expression: Part I (EJIL: Talk!, 13 Apr 2020)

In this three-part series, the author assesses how international human rights law has traditionally dealt with questions of false information. 

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