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This book provides a contemporary and very comprehensive understanding of how misinformation, perpetuated through social media, impacts the average Indian citizen, and its cumulative consequence on our democratic structures. The author explains the history of misinformation as well as the inherent biases that make the public susceptible to it, governance structures of digital platforms and the evolution of political targeting in a data driven world.

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Chinmayi Arun, On WhatsApp, Rumours, and Lynchings, Economic & Political Weekly (2019)

The article explores why rumours on WhatsApp which lead to lynching are appropriately treated as incitement to violence. The significance of WhatsApp in this context, and whether the changes made by WhatsApp in reaction to the public criticism and government pressure are likely to put a stop to the lynchings, are discussed.

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India and Misinformation (Storyful, 2018)

The report outlines various aspects of misinformation in India including the manner of its circulation and the efforts underway to counter the same. 

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Pratik Sinha, Dr. Sumaiya Sheikh and Arjun Sidharth, INDIA MISINFORMED: THE TRUE STORY (Harper Collins, 2019)

This book has been authored by the team of Alt News, a fact checking website that debunks fake information. It identifies the purveyors of false news and the patterns that have allowed misinformation to be embedded in our society. 

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Shakuntala Banaji and Ram Bhat, WhatsApp Vigilantes: An exploration of citizen reception and circulation of WhatsApp misinformation linked to mob violence in India

This research study analyses the relationship between the use of WhatsApp to spread misinformation & disinformation and the increase in lynchings and associated vigilante violence in India since 2015.

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Tariq Ahmad, Government Responses to Disinformation on Social Media Platforms: India (Library of Congress, 2019)

The article discussed the challenges that India faces while tackling fake news and the legal tools which the government uses to tackle it.

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