Centre for Communication Governance at NLU delhi
Literature from the Global Context

Jacob Rowbottom, Media Freedom and Political Debate in the Digital Era (Modern Law Review, 2006)

This article addresses the questions raised by the introduction of ‘new media’, to the extent of whether the normative approach to media freedom should be modified due to this, and if these modifications create a new norm the regulation of which should be approached differently. It summarizes the traditional approaches to media regulation, examines some of the academic responses to the Internet, considers the increased opportunities for individual participation created by the Internet, analyses the disproportionate status of some organisations on the Internet, and discusses possible strategies of regulation.

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Peter Lunt & Sonia Livingston, Media Regulation: Governance and the Interests of Citizens and Consumers (Sage Publications, December 2011)

The book can be purchased from Google Books. 

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