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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Consultation Paper on Issues relating to Convergence and Competition in Broadcasting and Telecommunications (2006)

The webpage provides a non-technical explanation of how the internet works in a nutshell. While it does not explain the history behind the internet, it breaks down the technical jargon of protocols, packets and IP addresses.

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Council of Europe, Converging Media – Convergent Regulators?, (Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs, 2007)

This is a collection of papers presented in the Conference organised by the Council of Europe and the OSCE Mission to Skopje, which address the following topics: Media Convergence and the implications for Media Regulation; European Standards Concerning the Independence and Functioning of Broadcasting Regulatory Bodies; When and How? The Process and Timing of Convergence of Regulators; Structure and Functioning of Converged Regulators – Best Practices; and Recommendations by the Conference.

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Australia Law Reform Commission, National Classification Scheme Review – Media Convergence and the Transformed Media Environment (2011).

A report of Australian Law Reform Commission on the circumstances in Australia, and the necessity of reforming of the then existing media classification and the developing a new National Classification Scheme, which identifies, inter alia, increased access to high-speed broadband internet, digitisation, globalisation, accelerated innovation, rise of user-created content, the changing nature of the media consumer, and the blurring of lines between private and public media as trends associated with Media Convergence. It also comments on ‘broken concepts’ in existing broadcasting and telecommunications legislation, and their relevance to media classification.

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House of Lords Select Committee on Communications, Inquiry into Media Convergence and its Public Policy Impact – Oral and Written Evidence (House of Lords, September 2012)

The Report can be accessed from the official UK Parliament website.

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OfCom, Response to the House of Lords Inquiry on Media Convergence (2012)

This Report is a response by the UK's communications regulator, to the above Report by the House of Lords Select Committee. 

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United Kingdom Parliament, Response to the House of Lords Inquiry on Media Convergence (2012)

This document is a response by the UK Parliament to the House of Lords' 2012 inquiry. 

Media Convergence Review Panel, Media Convergence Review – Final Report (Ministry of Communications and Information 2012)

This Report is the Final Report of the Media Convergence Review Panel appointed by the Ministry of Communications and Information of Singapore to study the issues that impact consumers, industry and society in the converged media environment, and includes the recommendations made by the Panel for addressing them. Its recommendations are focused on updating the framework for regulating industry development, empowering consumers and safeguarding societal interests; enhancing vibrancy of local content; policy and regulations in response to copyright and digital piracy; and updating licensing frameworks for the new environment.

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Angele A. Gilroy, Telecommunications and Media Convergence: Selected Issues for Consideration, (Congressional Research Service, August 2013)

This Congressional report provides an overview of certain issues which are central to the Media Convergence debate, and includes broadband deployment, broadband regulation and access, broadcast media ownership rules, funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, emergency communications, legal issues regarding facilities siting, Federal Communications Commission oversight and reform, Internet Governance and the Domain Name System, reauthorisation of the statutory copyrights and communications provisions in the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act, spectrum policy and wireless broadband deployment, and Universal Service Fund reform. The report will be update occasionally – this is the August 2013 version of it.

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