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Literature from the Indian Context

Ashish Pathak, India: The Communications Convergence Bill: India’s tryst with Dynasty, (Kocchar & Co., July 2002)

This article is a comment on the draft Communications Convergence Bill which was released in 2000. It starts off by defining Convergence, putting it in the Indian context, and then moves on the proposals of the expert committee the recommendations of which led to the draft bill, and then the provisions of the bill itself – specifically, its objectives, the licensing provisions and the technologies/services it regulates. It also specifically comments on the Communications Commission of India that would be set up under it, and its functions and powers. It also discusses the License obtaining procedure, and the responsibilities that go along with the same. The Draft Bill itself has since been discarded since it talked, inter alia, about content regulation.

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Majumdar & Co., India’s Communication Convergence Bill, 2001 – A critique

A critical analysis of the Communication Convergence Bill, 2001, commenting on, inter alia, its licensing and provision of services provisions, the proposed Communications Commission of India, Communications Appellate Tribunal, the Spectrum Management Committee, and the Frequency Spectrum Management and Interception relevant sections of it.

Pavan Duggal, Telecommunications Convergence Law in India – A Critique (Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law, March 2002)

A short note on, and a critique of, the Communication Convergence Bill, 2001, and the Communications Commission of India which was to be set up under it.

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Pritam Kumar Ghosh, The Communications Convergence Bill – A Critical Study of Communications Convergence in India

A critical analysis of the Communications Convergence Bill, 2001, and the consequences it would have had for the Communications Sector.

Rodney D. Ryder, Indian Communications Convergence Bill – A Critical Analysis, (International Business Lawyer, April 2002)

A short note on the Indian Communications Convergence Bill, analysing the essential framework behind it.

T H Chowdhary, Convergence Bill: An Advance, but Flawed (Economic and Political Weekly, November 2001)

A critical analysis of the Convergence Bill, 2001, which comments on the steps that it has taken forward as compared to the setting up the TRAI and the TDSAT, but still has quite a few serious flaws.

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Shauvik Ghosh, DoT Begins work on Convergence Policy for Communications Sector (Live Mint, Aug 2013)

This news report discusses the possibility of the DoT drafting a new Convergence Bill, twelve years after the first one in 2001, which had failed.

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