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Empirical Studies, Case Studies and Other Research

Gracie Lawson-Borders, Integrating New Media and Old Media: Seven Observations of Convergence as a Strategy for Best Practices in Media Organisations (The International Journal on Media Management, 2003)

This paper is a result of an empirical study of three corporate media organisations that was conducted in 2002. It examines state of Convergence at the time of its publication, the various definitions and practices surrounding it, and identifies Seven Observations of Convergence which it recommends should be used as a strategy for best practices in organisations to integrate new and old media, using Diffusion of Innovations and the Five Stages of Innovation Processes coupled with Management research to reach its conclusions.

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Douglas W. Vick, Regulatory Convergence?, (Legal Studies, March 2006)

An analysis of the Communications Act, 2003, of the UK, in the specific context of how the UK Government has acted upon and interpreted ‘convergence’ via the same, drawing on a forensic analysis of the opposition between Market Liberal and Social Liberal influences affecting UK communications policy, and at the same time commenting on the OfCom’s role.

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J. Sonia Huang & Don Heider, Media Convergence: A Case Study of a Cable News Station (International Journal on Media Management, 2007)

This article takes a more practical approach to Convergence, and analyses the functioning of a cable news station that would integrate the television and the internet, and analyses the newsroom of News 8 for the same. It discusses on the basis of this how Convergence as a reality is still rather far away, and recommends a few steps that can be taken to speed it up.

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Bruce Garrison & Michel Dupagne, A Case Study of Media Convergence at Media General’s Tampa News Centre (November 2003)

This paper analyses the Tampa News Centre, wherein Media General had combined the operations of The Tampa Tribune, WFLA-TV and Tampa Bay Online under one roof. Thus, this paper is a case study of the practical effects seen in this experiment on Convergence. This also includes the results of interviews with relevant persons involved with the Tampa News Centre.

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