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Country-Specific Analyses

Jon W. Anderson and Dale F. Eickelman, Media Convergence and its Consequences, (Middle East Insight, March-April 1999)

This article is a comment on Media Convergence in the context of the Arab Middle East, with specific reference to the effect of Convergence on public discourse, the role the Internet plays in it, and the consequences of it. It also comments on the circumstances surrounding the technological boom in the region.

Dillian Theckedath & Terrence J. Thomas, Media Ownership and Convergence in Canada, Library of Parliament, April 2012

This paper presented the picture of the ownership of Canada’s media industry at the time of its publication, and also shows how the focus of various parliamentary studies of the media industry has changed along with the changing ownership structure of companies within the industry.

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Richard Wu Wai Sang & Grace Leung Lai Kuen, Media Policy and Regulation in the Age of Convergence – The Hong Kong Experience (Hong Kong Law Journal, 2000)

This article traces the evolution and development of the convergence phenomenon, summarises and contextualises the various theories put forward by communications scholars, and examines the issues and concerns it raises for media regulation in general and for regulators specifically. It also analyses the specific case of Hong Kong insofar as the Telecommunications (Amendment) and Broadcasting Ordinances are concerned, concluding that Hong Kong should shift from a ‘gradualist’ to a ‘radical’ approach in its policy and regulation.

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