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Convergence, Policy and Regulation

Anders Henten, Morten Falch, & Reza Tadayoni, Some Implications for Regulations of ICT and Media Convergence (Regulateonline.org, January 2002)

This paper takes a policy-centred perspective to Convergence, analysing both, the implications of market and technological trends on policy and, conversely, the effect of policy and regulatory frameworks on technology and market developments, aiming to establish a useful framework for discussions on Convergence issues. At the same time, it pays specific attention to the technological and market-related aspect of it. It directly addresses the Technological, Market-level, Regulatory and Barrier-related aspects of Convergence, while also discussing the possible differences between economically developed and developing countries.

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Euisun Yoo, Media Convergence and its Policy Implications (Korean Journal of International and Competition Law, 2005)

This paper suggests policy measures to address the following issues raised by Media Convergence, which the author considers the most important: the jurisdiction of regulators, competitive structures in convergence markets, and public utility services. The method used by the paper involves an analysis of the cases and experiences of various nations, and the SCP paradigm.

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