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Convergence and Journalism

Juliet Larkin, Convergence Journalism: Towards a New Media Landscape (Robert Bell Travelling Scholarship Report, 2008)

This paper takes a journalistic perspective to Convergence, analysing existing and upcoming trends which have come into existence as a consequence of Convergence, and makes recommendations on the type of focus a course on Journalism must have to keep up to date with the changing nature of Journalism. The recommendations of this paper have been based mostly on interviews and consultations with Journalism training staff and Journalists, and on analyses of existing courses in New Zealand and the US, and are aimed at Journalism Schools in New Zealand.

Konstantinos Saltzis & Roger Dickinson, Inside the Changing Newsroom: Journalists’ Responses to Media Convergence (Aslib Proceedings, 2008)

This paper is the final report of a survey conducted in the newsrooms of the BBC, Sky News, The Guardian, and the Financial Times. The main aim was to investigate the impact of the phenomenon of Convergence on the working practices of Journalists, and this article describes the changes that are taking place and the ways the journalists are reacting to them.

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Yuyan Ernest Zhang, Examining Media Convergence: Does it Converge Good Journalism, Economic Synergies, and Competitive Advantages?, (Faculty of the Graduate School at University of Missouri-Columbia, May 2008)

This paper focuses on the ‘simple theory’, and on the effect of Convergence on the quality of journalism.

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Tim Harrower, Media Convergence (Inside Reporting – A Practical Guide to the Craft of Journalism, 2010)

This short entry in a journalism guidebook presents a small definition of Convergence itself and the different types of it, and is meant for the practical perspective of a journalist, noting its relevance and usage.

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