The Centre for Communication Governance at the National Law University, Delhi (CCG) invites applications on a rolling basis for its Internship Programme.

About the Centre

Centre for Communication Governance is a research centre within National Law University, Delhi, and is the first of its kind in India. Over the course of two years, CCG has established itself as a leading, credible organization for research in the field of information law and policy.

The Centre routinely works with a range of international academic institutions and policy organizations. These include the Berkman Center at Harvard University, the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy at the University of Oxford, the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford University, Hans Bredow Institute at the University of Hamburg, Access Now, Freedom House and the Global Network of Interdisciplinary Internet & Society Research Centers. We engage regularly with government ministries such as the Ministry of Communications & IT, Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Law & Justice and work actively to provide the executive and judiciary with useful in the course of their decision making on issues relating to civil liberties and technology.

About the Internship

The CCG internship programme is designed to build competence and raise the quality of discourse in research and policy around issues concerning civil liberties online and cybersecurity.

Internship output is intended to catalyze effective, research-led policy making and informed public debate around issues in civil liberties and technology and Internet governance. The internship can be with either of these two teams:

  1. Civil Liberties: Research in this area engages with questions concerning development of the human rights and civil liberties discourse in the context of the Internet and emerging communication technology in India. This team engages in
    projects on Free Speech, Privacy and Access.
  2. Cyber Security: There is, at present, only a very limited understanding of issues around cyber security and conflict. Research in this area analyses how existing principles in public international law including the laws of war would apply to cyber warfare and cyber conflict. It will investigate how far an analogy to conventional warfare and armed conflict is sustainable and whether (and, if yes, how far) the international law binding India on these issues would be relevant

The internship will be based out of the Centre’s offices at the National Law University, Delhi. Internships will run for a minimum period of 4 weeks and a maximum period of 16 weeks.


CCG is a new, continuously evolving organization and interns are expected to be active participants in building a collaborative, merit-led institution and a lasting community of highly motivated young researchers. All interns will be expected to maintain the highest ethical standards in their work, and contribute to the institution’s growth and development.


The Centre welcomes applications from students enrolled in a recognized programme in law (three years [only 2nd and 3rd year students], five years [only 3rd to 5th year students]), public policy, management or the social sciences.

All applicants must be able to provide evidence of an interest in technology policy.

Procedure for Application

Interested applicants are required to send the following information and materials to

  1. Curriculum Vitae.
  2. Expression of interest in interning with CCG (300 words).
  3. Contact details for one academic referee. Referees must be informed that they might be contacted for an oral reference or a brief written reference.
  4. One academic writing sample of up to 1000 words (essay or extract, published or unpublished).
  5. Proposed internship dates. While we accept interns for periods of four weeks onwards, we feel that you are unlikely to get the full benefit of an internship with the Centre in under six weeks.

The subject of the e-mail should be “Centre for Communication Governance – Application for Internship (Period of Internship in dd/mm/yy format)”.

Other Information

  • Applicants should apply at least 6 weeks in advance from the proposed date of their internship.
  • Selected candidates will be informed at least 4 weeks before the commencement of the internship.
  • Due to the large number of applications, only successful applicants will be contacted.