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Workshop on 'Trends in Data Governance in India and the EU'

The Centre for Communication Governance organized a Workshop on 'Trends in Data Governance in India and the EU' on the 12th of January 2023 at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Governance of data and its associated power asymmetries has been a challenge for regulators across jurisdictions. The European Union and India have been fertile ground for dynamic debates and regulations with several legislative frameworks and policy gambits in the work. Apart from the GDPR, the Data Governance Act, Data Act, Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act have attempted to bridge power asymmetries. In India, the latest draft of the personal data protection bill has triggered vigorous discourse from a range of stakeholders. Regulations on e-commerce, non-personal data, and data sharing also form part of an evolving policy ecosystem. 


The workshop brought together policy experts from India and the EU to incubate conversation around various notions, trends, and frameworks of data governance. Through the course of the sessions, the participants deliberated on ideas that could be instructive for framing future approaches, designing frameworks, and shaping EU-India cooperation in a manner that promotes “data justice” and good governance. 


We have also recently released an edited volume of 'Emerging Trends in Data Governance' which provides a comprehensive examination of current trends and challenges in data governance. This publication serves as an excellent resource for individuals who are interested in understanding the latest developments in this field. Please find the link to the book here

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12 Jan 2023

The India Habitat Centre

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