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The Puttaswamy Effect: Exploring the Right to Abortion in India

CCG organised a paper launch and discussion on ‘The Puttaswamy Effect: Exploring the Right to Abortion in India'. The paper is authored by Surabhi Singh, a lecturer and a gender rights expert, who has worked as a research affiliate with CCG. 

About the Paper: Given the expansive reading of the right to privacy in the Puttaswamy judgement, the paper examines the potential impact of the right to privacy on India’s recently amended abortion law and policy and the reproductive autonomy of women. The paper makes suggestions to bring the 2021 amendment to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act in consonance with the right of privacy and highlights gaps, limitations as well as emerging trends on the right to abortion in India. 

The paper is available here.

This paper is part of a series of papers CCG is doing on ‘The Puttaswamy Effect’ - the right to privacy and its impact on various domains of law in India. Our paper series is a part of our larger effort in documenting and analysing the evolution of the right to privacy, not just in India but around the world, that is housed at the Privacy Law Library (PLL). The PLL now has case briefs on more than 200 cases from 16 jurisdictions globally and the Indian High Court Privacy Tracker. 


Important Details

Report Launch

29 Sep 2021


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