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SMU-Microsoft Asian Dialogue on AI Governance

CCG NLUD organised a roundtable on Fairness in AI as part of the "SMU-Microsoft Asian Dialogue on AI Governance" which is a collaborative initiative between the Singapore Management University (SMU) and Microsoft. This roundtable marks the third edition of the dialogue, with the previous two editions happening in Singapore and New Zealand. CCG NLUD has been contributing actively as a member of the dialogue since 2020. 

In this edition of the dialogue, esteemed attendees across countries in Asia, including academics, industry leaders, policy analysts, and legal professionals, convened to deliberate on the imperative for fair, inclusive, and ethical AI. During the roundtable, attendees delved into the multifaceted concept of fairness, exploring its subjective nature and contextual variations while considering governance of AI. Through analysis and discussion, participants scrutinised how fairness manifests across different contexts and hence needs to be tailored for each AI tool based on regional, social and local context.

Moreover, a separate workshop on fairness in AI for students was also conducted as part of the program. This interactive session provided students with the unique opportunity to interact directly with AI researchers, whose expertise guided and enriched their understanding of implementing fairness into AI. The students had an opportunity to learn about what ‘fair AI’ meant and then discuss how these ideas could be translated into actionable policies. 

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11 Mar 2024

12 Mar 2024

NLU Delhi

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