Centre for Communication Governance at NLU delhi

Roundtable discussion on Dissemination and Redistribution of Non-consensual Intimate Images (NCII)

The dissemination and redistribution of NCII is a regulatory and legal concern for lawmakers, law enforcement agencies, courts, and civil society actors ever since the advent of the internet. Several legal mechanisms are in place to address the existence and spread of NCII on the internet, such as Section 66E of the Information Technology Act. Yet proliferation continues virtually unabated. Moreover, getting NCII removed is often a time-consuming and expensive process for affected parties. 


Intermediaries, along with law enforcement agencies, can play a critical role in ensuring that NCII content is kept off the internet. As a result, it is important for stakeholders to come together to develop comprehensive regulatory approaches to combat NCII content. 


CCG organized a closed-door roundtable discussion to bring together various stakeholders with the goal of exploring multi-party regulatory approaches to address current gaps in regulating NCII content on the internet.

Detailed Schedule of the event

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06 Dec 2022


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