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CCG & KAS Research Discussion and Collaboration Workshop

CCG NLU Delhi hosted a writing workshop as part of a year-long joint study which is mapping trends on the securitisation of social media governance in Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. Funded by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), this joint study is in partnership with LIRNEasia (Sri Lanka) and BRAC University (Bangladesh). Representatives from each organisation participated in the workshop either physically or remotely. Participants at the workshop and their affiliated organisation are listed below:

  • Stefan Samse (KAS)
  • Aishwarya Natarajan (KAS)
  • Jhalak M Kakkar (CCG NLU Delhi)
  • Helani Galpaya (LIRNEasia)
  • Md. Saimum Reza Talukdar (BRAC University)
  • Sidharth Deb (CCG NLU Delhi)
  • Tavishi Ahluwalia (CCG NLU Delhi)
  • Archit Lohani (CCG NLU Delhi)
  • Anha Adhlee (LIRNEasia)
  • Nafisa Tabassum (BRAC University)
  • Ashwini Natesan (LIRNEasia)
  • Raihan Rahman Rafid (BRAC University)


The workshop entailed detailed discussions and technical sessions in which partner organisations shared perspectives on how social media governance is being approached across South Asia. The group finalized substantive elements of a forthcoming project report which aims to evaluate how observed trends of social media governance are impacting key principles of the rule of law across the region. 

Important Details

17 Aug 2022

23 Aug 2022

NLU Delhi

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