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First Principles of Cyber Security: A Workshop for Media Professionals

The Centre for Communication Governance at the National Law University, Delhi (CCGNLUD) presents the ‘First Principles of Cyber Security: A Workshop for Media Professionals’, a free, online training course for journalists and media professionals interested in reporting on issues in cyber security and cyber warfare. 

The workshop will familiarise professionals with the broad contours of relevant Indian laws and facilitate the development of a precise and nuanced vocabulary for reporting on issues at the intersection of technology and security. It is designed to provide a foundational understanding of technologies that underpin the internet and the conduct of cyber operations globally by state and non-state actors. 

The workshop is structured as a three-day online training programme from 6th May 2022 to 8th May 2022. There will be one workshop for a duration of 3 hours each day (11 am - 2 pm IST) with time allocated for questions, comments and breaks. 


On Day 1, we will introduce participants to the Fundamentals of the Internet with a focus on the physical infrastructure of the internet, wireless communication mechanisms and essential computer components.

On Day 2, we will delve into Dismantling the concept of a Cyber Attack, where primary theoretical models for cyber threat and cyber attack analysis and prevalent types of cyber attacks, cyber vulnerabilities and exploits are covered. The differences between data breaches, cyber attacks, cyber incidents, data leaks and cyber exploits will enable understanding of the appropriate terminology associated with each. 

On Day 3, we will provide an overview of the Geopolitics of Cyber War to equip professionals with knowledge of key threat actors in cyberspace and their operational dynamics. Significant cyber campaigns from the past and case studies will be presented. Participants will also engage with a real time tactical exercise for an immersive understanding of concepts and theory presented during the course of the workshop.

The workshop will be instructed by Divyam Nandrajog, a practicing lawyer and research affiliate with CCGNLUD, whose work has a special focus on cyber security. Previously, Divyam has undertaken research on cyber warfare strategies at the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies at Columbia University.  

Certificates of participation will be provided for attendees at the end of the workshop. Registrations for the ‘First Principles of Cyber Security: A Workshop for Media Professionals’ are currently open on a first come, first served basis. To register for the workshop, click here.  

For any queries regarding the workshop, please contact us at ccginfo@nludelhi.ac.in with the subject line ‘First Principles of Cyber Security: A Workshop for Media Professionals’’. 

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06 May 2022

08 May 2022


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