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Sangh Rakshita

Sangh Rakshita works as a law and policy analyst with the Technology and Society team which focuses upon aspects of privacy, data protection, surveillance, intermediary liability, content accountability, online free speech, and artificial intelligence. She is interested in understanding the interaction between law and technology, especially in the context of civil liberties, and is especially interested in the regulation of emerging technologies. 

Rakshita is a member of the Youth Special Interest Group (better known as the Youth Observatory) and was the Internet Society’s United Nations Internet Governance Forum Youth Ambassador for 2020 from India. 

Rakshita is trained in social sciences and law. After her graduation from ILS Law College Pune, Rakshita served as a Legislative Assistant to a Member of Parliament (LAMP Fellow).

Twitter: @Sangh_Rakshita
Email: https://twitter.com/Sangh_Rakshita

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