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Call for Consultants - Design

Call for Applications for Consultant (Design)


The National Law University Delhi (‘University’), through it’s Centre for Communication Governance (‘CCG’/’Centre’) is inviting applications for the post of consultant(s) (Design) to work on several projects for the Centre for Communication Governance (CCG). 


About the Centre for Communication Governance

The Centre for Communication Governance at National Law University Delhi (CCG) was established in 2013 to ensure that Indian legal education establishments engage more meaningfully with information law and policy, and to contribute to improved governance and policy making. CCG is the only academic research centre dedicated to working on information law and policy in India, and in a short span of time has become a leading institution in the region. 

Through its Technology and Society team, CCG seeks to embed human rights, constitutional rights and good governance within information policy and examine the evolution of existing rights frameworks to accommodate new media and emerging technology. It seeks to protect and expand the right to freedom of speech, right to dignity and equality, right to assembly and association, and the right to privacy in the digital age, through rigorous academic research, policy intervention, and capacity building. The team’s ongoing work includes privacy and data governance/protection, surveillance, freedom of speech and expression, misinformation, regulation of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G and IoT, platform regulation, and intermediary liability.

This complements the work of the Technology and National Security team at CCG that focuses on issues that arise at the intersection of technology and national security law, including surveillance, cyber security, information warfare, and the interplay of international legal norms with domestic regulation. The team’s work aims to build a better understanding of national security issues in a manner that identifies legal and policy solutions that balance the legitimate security interests and national security choices with constitutional liberties and the rule of law, in the context of technology law and policy. The team undertakes analysis of international law as well as domestic laws and policies that have implications for national security. Our goal is to develop detail-oriented, principled and pragmatic recommendations for policy makers on national security issues faced by India, with an emphasis on cyber security and cyber conflict. 

The work at CCG is designed to build competence and raise the quality of discourse in research and policy around issues concerning human rights and constitutional rights in the digital age, cybersecurity and global Internet governance. The academic research and policy output is intended to catalyze effective research-led policy making and informed public debate around issues in technology, Internet governance and information law and policy.


About the Project

Centre for Communication Governance is based in National Law University Delhi focusing on information technology law and policy. We are inviting applications for a consultant (design) to help us with several design projects for CCG. This includes designs for books, essay series, reports, papers and other design outputs.

  1. Previous experience in Communication/ Graphic Design or both.
  2. Relevant experience of working as a Designer on previous books/Reports.
  3. Foundation in publication design and typography work.
  4. Foundational knowledge of responsive design for the books and reports. 
  5. Availability to complete the assignments as per the timelines.
  6. Experience of previously working with an academic institution/ think tank/ legal research centre is preferred.


  1. Creative input relating to the development of suitable designs for books, essays, reports etc.
  2. Working on typography and design for books and reports etc.
  3. Creating, communicating and executing design options suitable for the books and reports.
  4. Creating responsive designs for the book and reports to enable users to access them on a variety of devices.



Compensation: Remuneration will be commensurate with qualifications and in line with industry standards.

Application Process: Interested applicants may fill the application form provided by 11:59 pm IST on August 15, 2021. Please note that applications will only be accepted via the google form. In case of any doubts, please contact us at ccg@nludelhi.ac.in with the subject line “Application for Consultant (Design)”. A complete application will require the following:

  • A signed and completed Application Form, available here.
  • A single pdf file containing the following information, labelled at ‘Your Name- CCG’
    • A brief cover letter outlining your experience in the field and any relevant projects you have undertaken, not longer than one page.
    • A copy of your CV, no longer than two pages.
  • A copy of your design portfolio, in pdf format, should be emailed to ccg@nludelhi.ac.in with the subject line Portfolio- Call for Applicants (Design). The file must be labeled ‘Your Name- Portfolio’. Please note that a web portfolio will not be accepted, you must email a pdf copy of your portfolio in the format specified.


Since we require applicants to upload their Cover Letters and CV, accessing the form requires a Google (Gmail) login. For applicants not having a Google (Gmail) account, we encourage them to create an account, following the quick and simple steps here.


Deadline: Applications must reach us by 11.59 pm of August 15, 2021. Applications received after this date will not be considered. All applicants must submit both, the portfolio as well as the google form by the deadline to be considered, applicants which do not submit both will stand to be disqualified.


  • National Law University Delhi is an equal opportunity employer.
  • National Law University Delhi reserves the right to conduct interviews (video or telephone calls).
  • National Law University Delhi is unable to cover the costs of travel and accommodation for attending the selection interviews. 
  • The position is a contractual position and shall be paid under the grants received by the Centre for Communication Governance at National Law University Delhi.
  • We will contact only shortlisted candidates. 
  • The Centre reserves the right to not fill the position(s) if it does not find suitable candidates among the applicants.

Important Details

Call for Applications for Consultant (Design)





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