1. IANA Transition completed

    By Aarti Bhavana The much-discussed IANA transition has finally been completed, now that the U.S. Government’s contract with ICANN for IANA Functions has expired. This brings to an end the governmental oversight of these functions, a plan outlined back in 1998, and transfers it to a global… Read More

  2. Dirty Picture Project: Pink

    by Suniti Sampat and Aditi Prakash as part of the Dirty Picture Project. With Pink, Bollywood has made a bold attempt at making a movie about women and the way society treats them. In a lot of ways, women’s lives in most parts of India have been circumscribed… Read More

  3. Violence against Women: Et tu, Internet?

    In its beginnings, it was hoped that the internet would transcend the biases and discrimination that characterize offline spaces- to emerge as a frontier for gender equality. In line with the “cyborg manifesto” put forth by the feminist scholar Donna Haraway- identities on the internet… Read More

  4. Dirty Picture Project: Sarabjit

    By Devdutta Mukhopadhyay and Vidya Dronamraju as part of the Dirty Picture Project.  The Leading Ladies When we decided to review Sarabjit, we looked forward to a break from the typical mindless masala entertainer that Bollywood is notorious for churning out. Moreover, examining the ordeal faced by Sarabjit… Read More

  5. The India-US Cyber Partnership and Why Does it Matter?

    by Shilpa Rao India and the United States agreed on a joint cyber framework last month. This was at the second India-US Strategic and Commercial Dialogue held in New Delhi on August 31, 2016, which followed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama’s… Read More

  6. The Mission Creep Behind the Aadhaar Project

    This post originally appeared in The Wire on 02 September 2016. While the Aadhaar project is economically beneficial for the government, it is possible that its initially stated goals could have been achieved with cheaper and less intrusive technologies. If the Minister for Information and… Read More