1. Government says it cannot provide subsidies without Aadhar

    The government submitted to the court that Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoPNG) relies on Aadhar to provide subsidies to the public. "There is a problem now. MoPNG distributes subsidised cooking gas to the tune of Rs. 40,000 crores," said Vahanvati to the bench, adding, "Aadhar is the only foolproof mechanism through which we can do this." Read More

  2. Delhi High Court wants govt to host all official communication internally

    Author: Nikhil Kanekal In a significant order on the security and jurisdiction of official communication, the Delhi High Court on Thursday directed the Government of India to ensure that all official communication be hosted on government controlled servers located within the country. The government was asked to comply with this order… Read More

  3. SC asks Govt to make sure Aadhar not mandatory to avail services

    Author: Nikhil Kanekal In a writ petition challenging the Indian government’s tacit insistence on citizens using Aadhar cards for public services,  the Supreme Court passed an interim order on Monday asking the government to make sure that no citizen is denied services for not possessing an… Read More

  4. Facebook releases data of govt requests; India ranks 2nd

    Author: Nikhil Kanekal Facebook Inc released data on government data requests that it received over the first six months of 2013, in which India stood at second place with 3245 requests, affecting 4144 accounts. The highest number was received in the United States… Read More