1. Protecting Critical Information Infrastructures in India

    Last month, around thirty two lakh debit cards of various banks in India were compromised through a large scale cyber malware attack. As the biggest security breach ever experienced by the financial sector in India, this attack has also been described as the “first major… Read More

  2. Response to Online Extremism: Beyond India

    In our previous posts, we traced the Indian response to online extremism as well as the alternate regulatory methods adopted worldwide to counter extremist narratives spread via the internet. At the international level, the United Nations has emphasised upon the need to counter extremists who… Read More

  3. Reviewing Telangana’s Cybersecurity Framework: Part II of II

    The Telangana IT industry has been facing hostilities recently, with news reports suggesting that over fifty technology companies have been faced with cyberattacks over the past month. This has been subsequent to the surgical strikes carried out near the Pakistan border by the Indian Army. The Society… Read More

  4. The Hindutva Judgements and Electoral Malpractice: A Recap

    Last week, a seven Judge bench of the Supreme Court commenced hearing the much-anticipated appeals to decide the scope of Sections 123 (3)  of the Representation of People Act, 1951 (“RPA”), arising out of the “Hindutva cases”. However, on Tuesday, the Constitution bench caused a stir… Read More

  5. Indian Response to Online Extremism

    The United Nations General Assembly resolution adopted in July 2016 highlights the need to counter extremist narratives online. In the recent past, extremist content, usually content aiding terrorist activity has become a global concern. This post examines the methods adopted by state authorities and private entities to counter… Read More